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Our campsite is located in Gironde, in the heart
of the Bordeaux winegrowing area, at 20km of St Emilion. Our region , between rivers Garonne and Dordogne is called Entre Deux Mers.


Its hilly landscape is an alternation of vineyards, woods and meadows; wine-producing castles,
churches, villages and walled towns
stretch along the country.

St Emilion, charming village is known
worldwide, is 20 km away.


Bordeaux and its exceptional eighteenth century architectural heritage is distant from 50km.
It is classified by UNESCO. You can take a
pleasant walk on the docks completely redeveloped
and see the flicker of water mirror.
The bike path that connects Bordeaux runs
just 2km away from the campsite. Very gentle slope,
it will bring the most courageous to Bordeaux.


At 100 km, you can visit the Bassin d’Arcachon.
You will start by Arcachon, the resort and
the magnificent villas of the 19th "winter city".
Then you can taste the oysters directly from the producer in the oyster ports of Gujean Mestras.
Then the bird park of Teich will let you see
different species of birds to delight young and old.

The dune of Pila is the highest dune in Europe. It measures 110m high, 2.7km long. Belonging to the coastal dunes of Aquitaine, is today the only dune always moving. Between ocean and forest, she moves from 1 to 5 m per year eastwards under the influence of the prevailing winds and tides.
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